Total Supply: 10 Million (10,000,000) $AITEK

Supply Distribution

  1. 45% to Liquidity Pool (LP)

  2. 5% for Centralized Exchange (CEX) Listing

  3. 5% for Development

  4. 20% for Marketing and Promotion

  5. 15% for Staking Rewards (Revenue Share)

  6. 5% for Strategic Partnerships

  7. 5% for Team

Tax on Buy and Sell

A 5% tax is applied on both buying and selling transactions of $AITEK Tokens. This tax is designed to provide sustainability and rewards to the token ecosystem.

Utilization of Tax Revenue

  1. Staking Rewards (1%): 1% of the tax collected from buy and sell transactions will be allocated to the staking reward pool.

  2. Marketing (2%): 2% of the tax revenue will be directed towards marketing and promotional activities to increase awareness and adoption.

  3. Funding New Leverage Pools (1%): 1% of the tax revenue will be used to create and fund new leverage liquidity pools

  4. Development (1%): 1% of the tax will be used to develop further and deliver new advancements to our platform

Tokenomics Rationale:

  • The 45% allocation to the Liquidity Pool ensures that there is sufficient liquidity to support trading and provides stability to the token's price.

  • 5% for CEX listing helps in gaining wider exposure by being listed on popular centralized exchanges.

  • 20% allocated for marketing allows for a strong promotional effort to attract users and investors.

  • 15% for staking rewards incentivizes token holders to lock up their tokens, promoting long-term commitment to the project.

  • 5% for strategic partnerships can be used to collaborate with other projects, platforms, or organizations, enhancing the token's utility and ecosystem.

  • The tax on buy and sell transactions generates revenue for staking rewards, marketing, and funding, which ensures the continuous growth and sustainability of the project.

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