How To Use Telegram Bot

For traders on the move, speed and accessibility matter. That's why we've harnessed the power of Telegram to deliver a bot that lets you trade in real-time, without missing a beat.

Safety Of Private Key - We do not save any user information permanently in database , The trade details are present on the blockchain and accessed through web3. The private key is only used to execute user trades. For paramount safety we have added a function to delete saved private key entered with the bot, and you can always use the dApp by just connecting through your web3 wallet

Steps To Execute Trades On Telegram Bot -

  1. Open the telegram bot and enter /start to see option to import private key of trading wallet with funds

  1. Check saved private key using /checkwallet

  1. enter /trade to see listed coins , all listed coins will be available with leverage options 2x , 5x and 10x(under genesis limits). Select your desired trading asset

  1. Select LONG (seeking upside) or SHORT ( seeking downside)

  1. Enter Amount To trade and click confirm , you will receive transaction hash once it is sent successfully (check genesis limits before entering amount)

You can view your trade by connecting your wallet on the dApp too

In order to delete private key , use command /clear

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