💵How We Make Money From The Platform ?

Our platform has implemented a revenue model that involves charging a 5% fee (subject to change) when a trader enters a position. This fee structure is an integral part of our business strategy, ensuring the sustainability and continued development of our services. When traders initiate a leverage trade using our platform, the 5% fee is automatically applied, helping to cover operational costs, enhance security measures, and invest in further technological advancements. This approach balances the need to provide traders with a robust, secure trading environment while also maintaining a viable business model. The fee is transparently integrated into the trading process, ensuring that traders are always aware of the costs associated with their transactions. This revenue model allows us to continually improve our offerings and provide traders with an efficient, secure, and user-friendly platform for leverage trading, especially in the dynamic and often challenging market of low cap tokens.

Our platform is committed to continuously enhancing user experience and value. As part of this commitment, we have plans to lower the trading fees in the future


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