🔄Liquidity Pool Migrations

The need to shift to new contracts, be it for technological advancement or for modifying our pool offerings, is a critical aspect of maintaining a dynamic and efficient trading platform. Here's why this process is essential:

  1. Technological Advancements: As blockchain technology evolves, new contracts may offer improved security, enhanced features, or better efficiency. Migrating to these advanced contracts ensures that our platform stays at the forefront of technological innovation.

  2. Addition of New Pools: Market trends and trader demand can shift rapidly. To introduce new pools that cater to emerging opportunities or specific coins, we may need to transition to contracts that support these additions seamlessly.

  3. Deletion of Underperforming Pools: Regular analysis might reveal that certain pools are no longer viable or pose excessive risk. Removing these pools to protect trader interests and platform integrity may require migrating to new contracts.

  4. Adjusting Leverage Options: The dynamic nature of the market might necessitate changes in leverage ratios. New contracts can be tailored to accommodate these changes more effectively.

Liquidity migration is a strategic process that allows us to adapt to changing market conditions and technological advancements. This agility is crucial for providing a secure, compliant, and competitive trading platform for our users.

What happens to my funds when a contract gets deleted ?

Before pool deletion , users are informed prior and asked to settle their positions , in case a position is still open we settle them ourselves and ensure all funds remain safe. The manual settlement is same as settlement by user, the owner runs the function in smart contract for the user

Several other questions are answered in FAQ

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