Staking: A Gateway to Sustainable Earnings

To further augment your earnings, we introduce the concept of staking in $AITEK. By staking your tokens, you secure a dual benefit - a steady appreciation of your assets and a share in the revenue generated by the platform.

Our staking system is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing for easy management of your assets. As you stake your tokens, you create a reservoir of steady income, a testament to our platform's robust and innovative financial structure.

Staking Native Token APY

14 Days = 10% Native Token APY

45 Days = 30% Native Token APY

90 Days = 50% Native Token APY

Disclaimer: You can claim your token rewards at any time. However, if you claim your staked tokens before the staking period is over, you will be charged a fee depending on the pool.

Staking Revenue Share

14 Days = 10% ETH rewards

45 Days = 20% ETH rewards

90 Days = 70% ETH rewards

Disclaimer: You can claim your revenue shares at any time. The rewards on ETH is based on the volume of 1% transactions on the token along with all funds from our utilities.

A Future-Forward Approach

As we forge ahead, our revenue sharing and staking plans are poised to evolve, embodying a futuristic approach that aligns with market trends and user expectations. We envision a community where every stakeholder enjoys the fruits of collective growth and success.

By choosing to be a part of the $AITEK family, you are not just investing in a token but aligning with a vision that values mutual growth and shared prosperity. Join us as we embark on this journey of creating a legacy of financial innovation and inclusivity.

General Disclaimer: All generated funds go to the stakers in a % depending on the amount staked and what pool they are staked in.

You can track the revenue sharing wallet here: 0x87E48Fec14285AA5eEcF99C0B512696C2058A6d3

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